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940 Ba Thang Hai (3/2) Street,Ward 15,District 11,HCMC

Tel:  (028) 66783212 –  0947144548

Email:  pnphim@gmail.com            


Founded 1992, Phuong Nam Film is the leading company in Vietnam, producing, releasing and distributing the audio-visual products (film, DVD, VCD, CD, audio book).

Producing, manufacturing and distributing the movies for cinema and the TV programmes (movies, documentaries, children’s series)

Producing, releasing and distributing the domestic music products

Exchanging the rights of distributing and publishing the music and video programmes.

Import and export of audiovisual products

Organisation of concerts


The productions of Phuong Nam Film won many awards at the film festivals of Vietnam. Since 2007, the movies co- produced by Phuong Nam Film have broken the box-office records of the cinema market in Vietnam (Kiss of the Death and Every inch of beauty).

From mid-2009, Phuong Nam Film is the exclusive distributor of Warner Bros Entertainment DVDs imported to Vietnam through Innoform Media Pte Ltd ( Singapore). The next step of the project is for the 20th Century Fox and Disney DVDs. Since 2007, Phuong Nam Film has been distributing in Vietnam the DVDs, VCDs, CDs of multiple genres (music, children’s variety programmes, English learning programmes, animations…) manufactured by Innoform.


Phuong Nam Film has the biggest market share of music business in Vietnam. Since 5 years, we are is the number 1 company in distributing the music products, both domestic and foreign ones. From mid-2008, Phuong Nam Film began to deal and buy the rights of publishing the foreign music programmes in Vietnam. We have been publishing 20 albums of the famous piano player Richard Clayderman. The right is arranged directly with the owner, the Delphine (France). We also have the rights from Victor Entertainment ( Japan) to publish and distribute 13 classical music albums of Dang Thai Son, the pianist who won the First Prize International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition. The newest titles released are 13 CDs of Mozart and Beethoven symphonies. Beside, we import regularly the music CDs of many genres from Innoform ( Singapore) for the Vietnamese market with the special prices.

At the end of 2010, Phuong Nam Film will open the first music megastore in Ho Chi Minh City. It will be the biggest of the kind in Vietnam. In the future, Phuong Nam Film will developpe these chain stores to the big cities of the country.

Phuong Nam Film is one affiliate of Phuong Nam Group (PNC Group), one of the biggest corporation in Vietnam in the field of cultural products. PNC owns the second biggest chain of bookstores thoughout the country, with the big space for CD/DVDs in each store. More about PNC, please visit: http://www.pnc.com.vn

The official website of Phuong Nam Film is http://www.pnfilm.com.vn

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